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Monday, December 6, 2010

Jonathan Edwards

I was working desk today and decided I'd open up my Jonathan Edwards book just to get a look at it. I figured it couldn't take too long to read a sermon (the book is called Sermons of Jonathan Edwards) and it was easier to read a stand-alone sermon than start a book that I won't get back to for a few weeks. So I read the introduction and then started the first sermon. First of all, the sermons are a lot longer than I had anticipated. Secondly, they are also a lot better. I knew that Edwards was a brain, but I really had no idea it would be so packed. I can see why John Piper was so enthusiastic about his love for Edwards and the way he taught. It is amazingly God-glorifying. Anyway, here is a quote from his most famous book, A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections. I hope it is beneficial for you.

“I am bold in saying this, but I believe that no one is ever changed, either by doctrine, by hearing the Word, or by the preaching or teaching of another, unless the affections are moved by these things. No one ever seeks salvation, no one ever cries for wisdom, no one ever wrestles with God, no one ever kneels in prayer or flees from sin, with a heart that remains unaffected. In a word, there is never any great achievement by the things of religion without a heart deeply affected by those things.”
Jonathan Edwards, A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections

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